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3 signs of a Hobby,

not a Business.

- We close for lunch, lol

· SMB,Branding,Digital Marketing

1- Closed Monday's or Lunchtime

Doesn't have to be a Monday. This is a hobby if you cannot commit your retail hours to a normal, Monday - Friday schedule.

If you don't think Sarasota has enough business for your SMB every day, or even year 'round, you are doing it wrong.

SRQ is thriving and the big corporations have done all the research for you!

This is a lazy, smb owner who's wants a 5 day work week, typically a "one man, one woman" operation. Simply put- if you want to be the best, 5 day work weeks will not cut it, no matter the product or service.

2- No Web.

We don't need a website, social or mobile.

This is idiotic & no need to explain.

3- We don't care.

We are retired, "we do not care" attitude. This is all over #SRQ if you haven't noticed.

We are elated you were successful in state/town, USA. Go all in on- SMB Sarasota or..

We are building a unorthodox network of retailers & professional service companies in Sarasota & surrounding areas. Stay tuned and subscribe. We do not sell services, we build business together..W/C

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