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Automation works on the farm!

Think you are too small for automation?

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Interested in the automation concept for your business and not sure where to start? A local farm felt the same way. They sell raw, organic cow & goat milk, eggs & honey with low monthly sales. They certainly had the "cart before the horse", but the openness & eagerness to grow quickly caught our attention & interest in partnering.

Ok, so this farm is traditionally selling, $400-$700 a month in product. Yes, this is a very low sales #, but we all start somewhere, right? #wink #theyfeedthemselves #doyou

When we say "traditional selling", they relied on one street sign & word of mouth for new business. Think about that for a moment, because those days are long gone..

However, with Wayne Consult's help, they are automating their billing and have moved to a subscription based, auto-bill model. This eliminates awkward payment conversations, outdated credit cards & allows consumers to adjust their billing info, adjust orders online & request scheduled deliveries as wanted in real time.

Cart before the horse- This client needed a plan for customer acquisition, which we created with their insight and goals, and our grounded sense of reality. This will be delivered via local search, social & email marketing.

Our point is, no matter how small your business is, if you have the willingness to change & evolve, your future will have a bright outlook with the Wayne Consult Team.

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