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Digging into YelpSarasota Giveaway

Ok, 3 minutes here...

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Are we selling Yelp ads? Are we pushing Yelp's agendas?

No. We recognize the power of Yelp that is linked to social and search-ability. We incorporate this data cycle into our clients digital channels. How? Just ask, we like to share...We ar

Our goal is to build a community of real, local users for future, local marketing strategies. We plan to possibly change the page name to OneSRQ in the coming weeks, when our goals are met. (the un-strategy)

Why Free AirPods?

Customers want what they can't have! They are sold out at every retailer, including They will be shipping in the beginning of May- like a tidal wave, so now is the time to offer something unique, at an affordable cost to us, the SMB marketer.

- for insight, it took us a month to get a pair, and once we did, we knew they were magical!

Exercising, designing, phone calls etc- they really simplified audio and best of all, they never fall out!

This is opportunity to offer a $160 product, to content generators that are authentic. We use much automation on, with precise local monitoring. (humans!) This is authentic social combined with the reach of automation.

Contact us for partnerships, strategies and more...

Happy Easter!

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