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No pictures!

We broke policy for this banner..

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This morning W/C visited the fabulous Decor Direct in the Whitfield area, north Sarasota. I truly went to shop, but my mindset changed instantly when I saw "No Photos". There are 100's of these 3x5 printed signs, that say "Please No Photos". This blew my mind..

Have you seen their products? They design one of kind treasures, and their warehouse is absolutely full of beautiful, trendy pieces.. These items are digital gold!! but you have to let your customers share them, without restrictions! (check them out here- Cool stuff!

Anyways, I asked why would you have such a rule? Why any rules? (rules @ any retail.. no Bueno!!)

An employee calmly explained that many customers want exact copies of pictures, or competitors would clone their designs. His answer was accepted and made sense at the moment..

but not for long.

If you can drive any attention, traffic or interest in your "one of a kind" products, why wouldn't you? Because your competition is watching? If they are, great, that is a compliment to you. They can never duplicate you or your designers.

Focus on what rings your registers- your customers and their handy smartphones..

Don't let a couple of sour customers, who expect exact duplication's of previous products hold you back either. Drive traffic and customers to your store, they will understand, isn't that why they are there, for something unique?

Just polish your CS skills for these conversations, and business will thrive! These conversations are good, so don't shy away from them. This is an opportunity to capture a custom order, right? I am willing to bet custom orders are where the big $$$ is..Think about that, turn a negative conversation into a huge sales opportunity, this is Sarasota after all.

Respectfully & peacfully,



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