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Oh, so you filter reviews?

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Many digital mgmt service companies, (Dex Media, etc) offer social, seo & reviews, which you may currently be a customer of.

By now you surely know the cloned content is also being used all across USA, for multiple industries & possibly even competitors. This is not social, but let's go to the reviews platforms. is one example of wasted reviews.

Ok, so they may create content and data for King G, (King Google) but who is reading them? Who is making buying decisions according to these reviews? Nobody.

This is also their way of "ensuring" positive reviews. It's simple, they leave out 3 star and below review. Sounds enticing right? #dontkidyourself, its not genius, its deceptive. Deception does not have a good roi :)

Reviews are tough to capture, but focus on the shared, one-way street of King G and Yelp. This is where your customers are.

If your social/digital managed services company is not pushing aggressively here, then you are not being helped, but sold.

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