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SEO - The new snake oil of digital

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To start, I am not saying SEO is totally dead, but it is certainly on life support. This is a delicate conversation, as you must understand the difference between SEO, SEM & local content marketing.

If you are paying for an SEO "plan" that costs more then your AdWords campaigns, FIRE them now. This is not 5 years ago.

So they add some tags here and there, but what are they truly doing for you locally?

Do you actually think the data, King G is looking for, is cloned, copy & pasted text & generic images? This needs to be uniqu images, video etc, that is relevant to your business or organization, mostly shot in house! (unless you are a plumber)

Think of Google of it as a vacuum with "filtered lines" for purity & relevance. This is not news breaking info, but rather a fresh take on its delivery.

Our social & digital services will be relevant content to your customers, just as this is relevant to you, the business owner/operator.


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