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Who is your Dukedom?

Wayne/Consult micro-blog

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We received an urgent message from a local restaurant last night (saturday) highly concerned about an unhappy Yelp user. While we are happy to help any time of the day, we first re-assured the owner that all will be fine. There is strategy to this. This is what inspired this morning post, so good morning!

As a retailer with a storefront, have you ever wandered who your "Dukedom" is? (aka, the most frequent Yelper at your business.)

few dukedoms wayne/consult marketing services favorite places around Sarasota

How about Elite Yelp users? If the "Elite's" posts, pictures and opinions are raised to the top of your page, wouldn't you want to know if they are "in the house

Why does Yelp not offer a feature to notify the business owner, that a customer has checked in, or their "Dukedom" is in the house? Wayne/Consult only has an opinion here. Call us if you'd like to learn more.

If a customer has the have the right to post content, reviews & check in's to your Yelp page in real-time, you have the right to know what is being said in real-time, about your business.

After all, shouldn't you be in control the of ALL data associated with your business? Contact us for real-time listening and "Dukedom" discoveries.


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